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Tek-nically Superior Vinyl Railing

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Our Tek-Rail residential vinyl railing products are quality products that add an elegant, classy look to any home and property. We offer four different options of residential vinyl railings along with multiple options for rail sets, posts, caps, skirts, column wraps, mounts, and brackets. With so many choices, you will be able to create the perfect look for your next residential project.





Why Choose Tek-Rail
Residential Vinyl Railing?

Easy Installation

Our Tek-Rail Residential Vinyl Railing is easy to install and does not take a ton of time to put together. You will be able to put it in yourself or hire a team without spending a ton of time or money on installation. This is especially helpful when on a deadline for large residential projects.

Curb Appeal

Our Tek-Rail Residential Vinyl Railings will give any building an elegant, classy curb appeal and keep that look for years to come. With several different colors from which to choose, you can create a gorgeous look for your property that everyone will love.

Maintenance Free

Our Residential Vinyl Railing does not require maintenance like wood, aluminum, steel, or composite railings do. It will not turn colors, does not require layers of paint or stain, and will never split or crack, so once you install your residential vinyl railing, you never have to worry about maintenance again.

Long-lasting Quality

At Tek-Rail, we create our products to last so that our customers know you are getting a quality product and making a solid investment for today and the future. The time and money you save from never needing to replace parts, paint, fix, or update your residential vinyl railing will be worth every penny invested today.

Easy Clean

With time and weather conditions, your residential vinyl railings may need to be cleaned, but do not worry: all of our products are easy to clean and do not take a lot of time. You can power wash your residential vinyl railings on low or use household bleach and a garden hose.


We stand behind our products 100% and offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our white residential vinyl railings and a 20-year Limited Lifetime Warranty on our tan residential vinyl railings.

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